The Way Home

COMING SOON!  The Way Home                       Book 1 in The Justice Way Series                             New Cover and updated, expanded book.

The Crushing Pain of a Nightmare Existence…Brody Justice is searching for a way to deal with the event that claimed the lives of five men he loved like brothers. Unable to find solace in family or friends, Brody walks away from all he’s known.

A Crushing Blow Leaves Her Without a Reason to Live…
Broken and disillusioned, Abby Montgomery doesn’t see Brody’s truck on the fog shrouded road until it’s too late. When she wakens, will she have the peace she seeks or merely the beginning of more questions?

Two Broken Hearts…
Can they find the courage to open their hearts to the fragile bonds of love? Or has bad luck or fate merely put them on a collision course—allowing them never to find the way home?


The weatherman had said nothing about fog or the misty drizzle. With the temperature steadily dropping, the wet stuff would turn to ice before long. Brody Justice slowed as the fog dissipated some, allowing him a brief glimpse of the narrow winding road he traveled often over the last year. The headlights’ low beam illuminated the solid, yellow line, revealing he’d crossed over into the other lane. Easing back into his lane, a beat of panic tore through him and his heart crashed into his ribs as he hit a clear patch in the fog.

A huge boulder, rocks and debris from the side of the mountain blocked most of his lane. He cut the wheel hard, sliding back across the solid line to avoid slamming head-on into the boulder. A litany of curses filled the truck’s cab, as in the space of a few life altering seconds a fine edge of terror sharpened his perception. The road had iced over and he was sliding on a thin sheet of black ice. Foot pumping and releasing, he worked furiously to bring his truck under control. The steep cliff had claimed more than its share of lives over the years and he had no intention of becoming the next victim.

The sudden brilliance of oncoming headlights and the speed with which they broke through the fog startled him, as did the way they jerked suddenly away. The force of the impact jerked his seatbelt tight knocking the breath out of him and deployed the airbag. It spun his truck and pushed it into the side of the mountain, bringing it to a jarring stop. Terror lodged in his throat and turned the knot of panic in his gut to full-fledged fear as the sound of crunching, tearing metal filled the night. In the fog’s haze he saw the eerie glow of the other car’s taillights spinning in a crazy pattern. Out of control, his mind howled. Then nothing.

Unfamiliar with the winding roads leading into the mountains, with the defroster on high, she leaned forward and wiped the windshield with leftover fast food napkins in a desperate attempt to see more clearly. Thickening fog and a fine mist had lowered visibility nearly to zero.

Unable to see beyond the hood of her car, worried about oncoming traffic, she eased ever closer to the guardrail, hoping to put extra distance between her and any oncoming vehicles. Too late she saw the sign warning of dangerous curves ahead.

The sudden flash of bright light in her face sent panic swelling in her throat.  Headlights, her brain screamed, and she jerked the wheel hard to the left. Through the panic and adrenaline she felt the impact and recognized the terrible sounds of crunching metal and squealing tires. The airbag imploded in her face as her car buckled around her. Her next breath sent agonizing pain shooting through her.

Brody stood at the side of the woman’s bed. Her name was Abby Montgomery. The ER nurse had found a receipt in the pocket of her jeans. The only other thing they knew about her was she was to ‘follow up in six months.’ Any other identification had burned with her car.

He took in the bruise on the side of her face and the huge knot on her head where she’d hit it against the drivers window. The doctor on call had closed the gash from her temple to her hair line with Derma bond to prevent an ugly scar.

From the way her car had plunged down the mountain side, she was damn lucky to be alive. Even more so because the rest of her injuries—several bruised ribs, a swollen kneecap and various few cuts and scrapes would all heal in time.

His gaze followed the clear lines of the IV pumping fluid and pain medication into her, through her hand. Carefully he lifted it, his thumb gently stroking the slim, delicate fingers. He wondered where she’d been going at that time of night, if she had family that would be worried when she didn’t return home.

Her hand jerked in his and a small moan escaped drawing his eyes back to her face. It was then he saw the tear glistening at the corner of one closed eye.

Her chest gave a small heave and a distressed sound escaped. Without thinking, he cupped her cheek gently and thumbed away the tear.

“Shh. It’s okay, Abby. You’re safe.”

Her eyes opened and for the second time he looked into large pools of warm chocolate glazed over with pain and confusion. A bolt of surprise filled him at the sudden hard spasm in his chest, feeling as if an invisible fist squeezed his heart.

“Abby?” Her eyes drifted shut again. “Abby?” Her chest gave an unsteady shudder and her hand relaxed in his.