A Soldier’s Heart


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When a terrorist plot threatening to unravel the U.S. Government by assassinating key political officials is uncovered, the President enlists the aid of an elite team of U.S. soldiers. Priscilla Ashby, decorated soldier and war hero, takes her service to her country as seriously as her oath to the President of the United States to protect his only son.

Mason Taggart finds himself powerfully attracted to the beautiful woman in the back of his car. Surprise fills him as he discovers she’s the soldier assigned to protect him. Angry at his father for not disclosing such a key piece of information Mason has no choice but accept her help as the terrorist plot begins to unfold.

Out of the line of fire and safely tucked away until the threat is neutralized, Priscilla discovers Mason, the man she’s sworn to protect, opposes the very values, morals and ethics she’s laid her life on the line for.
Can a love neither are prepared for bridge their differences or will circumstances beyond their control tear them apart?

“I’m glad you’re okay with the President’s plan. He’s done the right thing. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. If they were to get hold of you, they’d have one heck of a bargaining chip. He can’t take that chance.”

“I don’t like it, but I understand. I’m just glad you’re going to be
with me.” No mistaking the intent in his eyes as they shifted to her mouth. Her ribs took the unexpected hit from her heart as his hand left the back of the seat and cupped her cheek. Shock jammed her system, as well as anger and disbelief. Mason Taggart wasn’t just a man she’d been assigned to protect, he was the President’s son. Even if he weren’t, this could not, would not happen. Never in all her years in the military had she engaged in inappropriate conduct. She wasn’t about to start now, even as tempting as Mason Taggart was.

She planted her hand on his chest to stop his forward movement as she dug deep for the right words to set him straight. Under her palm she felt solid muscle, warm man and the steady beat of his heart. Too late, she realized her fingers flexed against his shirt soaking up the feel of him.

“Priscilla.” The sound of her name whispered intimately between them, laced with need and softly seeking approval wrapped around her, held her spellbound as he lowered his dark head to hers. The feel of his sexy mouth, the taste of hot desire as he slanted it over hers possessively in a provocative, unhurried kiss sent ragged pleasure curling deep down into her feminine core. Her thought process disengaged as she became lost in the taste, touch, smell of the man doing wicked things to her mouth.

“Lieutenant. We have a shadow.”

It took a full fifteen seconds for her lust fogged brain to register the situation. She uncurled her fingers from the front of his shirt and pushed out of his arms. The loss of heat, his mouth, his touch, sent a shiver across her skin. “Where’s the rest of the detail?”

“Lead car is still up ahead, the other got cut off two lights ago.”

Damn, that was quick. She turned and looked out the tinted back window. “Just the one?”

“For now.”

Turning forward, Priscilla caught the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. “Got a plan, Corporal?”

With the flash of a pearly white grin, the man nodded. “Hold on.” He jerked the wheel.
Before she could brace herself, a strong arm shot out and as the car righted from the hard turn, she found herself hauled back and seated firmly across Mason’s lap.

“What the hell is going on?” Dark eyes filled with heat and confusion held hers. The deep, rich timbre of his voice laced with anger, threw her and for a moment she didn’t comprehend his lack of understanding. As her mind clicked through the events of the evening—the looks, the small talk, and the kiss, embarrassment surged and fused with her temper as her own comprehension dawned. Mason Taggart hadn’t been told who she was or that she was going to be guarding his back day and night.

Even though she could swear fluently in eight languages, only one phrase came to mind. ‘Damn it.’ Before she could explain it was her job to protect him, not share his bed, the sound of bullets striking the rear of the car echoed in the tense silence. In a reaction she gave no thought to, she wrapped her arms around Mason and threw them down in the seat of the car.

“Keep your head down.” The flare of sexual heat in his eyes as she slid off the solid mass of his body and bumped the muscled length of his erection had other more graphic swear words ricocheting in her head. With the situation quickly spinning out of control she slid to the floorboard, reached under the seat, pulled out a long black nylon bag and unzipped it. His fingers were warm and hard as they gripped her wrist and stopped her movement.


She stared at his hand, drew in a deep breath and met his eyes. “Lieutenant Priscilla Ashby, US Army. Delta Force.” Eyes, deep and dark searched her face, moving over each of her features slowly until he came to her mouth. For several long seconds his gaze lingered, no doubt remembering the kiss. Finally his eyes met hers.

“Son-of-a bitch.”

“And here I thought I was going to have to kick your ass.” She smiled, to lighten the tension as she turned back to the bag that contained a small arsenal and pulled out two military issue Kevlar vests. “How much do you know?” she asked, slipping hers on and securing it.

“Apparently not enough.”

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5.0 out of 5 stars Must read, November 22, 2013
Action and adventure, you’ll fall in love with that beauty queen commando chopper pilot and personal bodyguard. Was enthralled with how the story was set up and kept getting deeper and deeper into the lives of heroes and politicians. Rebecca Andrews has put patriotism, love, personal sacrifice giving the characters in the story credibility and giving the reading public a mini insight of the impact of the internal problems here in the homeland. Well done young lady.
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bboweek_LASR “A Soldier’s Heart” by Rebecca Andrews is full of intrigue and action. Lt. Priscilla Ashby, a decorated pilot and sniper, who suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, is assigned to protect Gov. Mason Taggart, the son of U.S. President. Mason is in grave danger until a leak in the inner circle can be found and eliminated.
Both Priscilla and Mason are forced into a situation out of their comfort zones. Isolated and not happy with the roles they must play, they strike sparks off each other – sparks that give life to love.
Theirs is a tumultuous, edgy love story that touches the emotions on so many levels.
Review by Camellia, Long and Short Reviews