Secrets and Lies



A Love Denied…
At eighteen, Wess McKade loved Ella Preston with all his heart. But a life-altering incident forced him to choose between Ella and the rest of his life. Ten years have passed since that fateful night. Will Wess be forced to again make that same decision?

The Glamorous Life of a Lingerie Model…isn’t the future Ella Preston envisioned when she fell in love with Wess McKade as a teenager. But neither is the sudden appearance of Wess Mc Kade all these years later.

Ten Years is a Long Time to Live with Buried Secrets…
Can unraveling the mystery finally set them free to love? Or will their secrets and lies destroy any chance for a future?



The deep growl that once upon a time stirred her heart with excitement grew closer. Ella opened her eyes. The well-defined sound came from a sleek chopper with red and orange flames licking over the front fender and down the sides of the gas tank. With a long sigh of appreciation she watched the bike come to a stop and wondered which looked more impressive…the bike or the sight of the long legged man climbing off.

A slow smile worked across her mouth as the man slipped out of a black leather jacket, stowed it in the saddle-pouch on the rear, then stretched from side to side as if working out a few kinks. Something about the way the man moved snagged more than her attention. The black tee stretched taut across a strong, broad back and large muscled forearms had her clenching her thighs against the unexpected heat that suddenly gripped her woman’s core. With regret she realized it had been a long time since a man had really caught her attention and that she spent way too much time around men who worried about their weight as much as she did.

Strong shoulders bunched as he reached up and removed his helmet. Crew-cut blond hair, blindingly white in the sunlight caught her off-guard and stirred the memories of the one boy she’d once loved. She shrugged off the melancholy as her curiosity and a need she’d denied for too long had her wanting to know if the front looked as amazing as the back. The man turned and a quiet, appreciative, breathy sigh escaped.

A deep bronze, his face was undeniably mouth-watering even with the mirrored sunglasses still in place. She watched as he looked around and felt, more than saw, his gaze land on her. Curious, she rose from her chair as he started toward her.

Mr. Amazing stopped in front of her. She felt an anxious tug in her gut as he reached for the sunglasses and slid them to the top of his head. Familiar emerald fire met hers. Her throat squeezed tight and she took a defensive step back, her legs colliding with the edge of the chair. Her traitorous heart skipped excitedly over the sight of…oh, God. Wess McKade.