The Christmas Wish


New Cover and updated, expanded book.

Seven year old, Kevin Connor wants a mother by Christmas. He begins his campaign with a birthday wish and nightly prayers.
When nothing seems to happen, he decides daily visits to Santa Clause is the answer. Unable to convince Kevin that Santa can’t bring him a mother, Ryan knuckles under and takes Kevin to see Santa.
He is stunned when Kevin runs into the arms of a woman. Will Holly St.Nick be the answer to Kevin’s Christmas wish, and Ryan’s too?

“Mr. Connor,” Holly said sliding into a chair at his table. “You seem like a nice man. I’m simply having a hard time believing I resemble your wife that much.”

“That makes two of us.” Ryan shifted in his seat, removed his wallet and took out his favorite picture of Valerie. He remembered the day the photo had been taken like it was yesterday. It wasn’t a professional photo, but one they’d taken with an impulsively purchased disposable camera on a sunny, spring afternoon in Central Park. Back then they’d been so carefree and happy.
With one phone call the years of hard work Val had put into her career came full circle. And his life suddenly spun crazily out of control as the modeling agency she worked for planned to launch her internationally. They had her scheduled to fly to Milan to start shooting for the fall. Ryan smiled and let his gaze scan the face of the woman across from him again. Her hair was the same shade of copper, with subtle highlights that looked real and not bought and paid for in a pricy salon. The familiar delicacy of her face made his heart catch. The likeness was simply amazing. He handed the worn photo to Holly.
The supermodel whose face had appeared all over the fashion magazines stared back at her. Shock shot clear to Holly’s toes. No wonder Kevin had mistaken her for his mother. Except for some very subtle differences, she could be the woman in the photo.

Holly’s worried gaze met his and she laid a hand gently over his much larger one.
“I’m sorry for your loss. This must be so difficult for you,”—she handed the photo back—“but you’ve got to find a way for Kevin to understand I’m not his mum.”
Frustration laced his words. “Do you think I don’t know this? I’ve had him in therapy, we take flowers to the cemetery once a week, still no matter how much it’s explained to him, he still insists…”

He wiped a shaky hand across his jaw. She was right. Kevin needed to understand his mother was gone and not coming back. And it was essential Ryan convince him Holly was not his mother.

“I’m really sorry Kevin made you feel uncomfortable. It’s been so hard on him since his mom died. Maybe if you spent some time with him, he’d realize you’re not his mother.”

Startled by his unexpected suggestion, Holly leaned back in her chair. “I hardly know you and I don’t think it’s appropriate. Besides what if it backfires and he believes more firmly that I am? You and I both know I’m not, but convincing that little boy’s heart may be quite another matter.”review



The Christmas Wish/Rebecca Andrews–
Rebecca Andrews will delight readers with young Kevin’s Christmas Wish to bring him a new mom and someone nice for his dad. Holly St. Nick turned out to be just perfect in all ways, for him and for his dad. *** Sweetly sensual – a delightful treat! …
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“The Christmas Wish” by Rebecca Andrews is the poignant story of six year old Kevin O’Connor’s wish for a mom. His supermodel mom has died, and his father, Ryan, is stunned when they see Holly St. Nick and she is the spitting image of Kevin’s mom. Will “The Christmas Wish” of Kevin come true this year?

Rebecca Andrews has a winner with “The Christmas Wish”! This beautifully written story is sure to leave readers reaching for the Kleenex. Kevin’s firm belief in Santa granting his wish makes this story work as Ms. Andrews does a phenomenal job with character development. This sweet romance is perfect for the holiday season…