A Season For Justice


‘A Season For Justice’, originally available in the
All That Glitters Anthology
Now available as an E-Short Story.

Matt Justice heads home from Thanksgiving festivities only to find a Southern beauty whose car is stuck in a snow bank.
Vanessa Ellsworth is on the run for her life. Headed for the Canadian border and safety, her plan goes awry when she finds herself stranded in a blizzard, in labor and about to give birth.
With her life and her daughter’s literally in the hands of a stranger, will Vanessa find more than a safe haven with Matt? ‘Together, can they make it ‘A Season for Justice?’

A Soldier’s Heart

A Soldier’s Heart, originally in the Love and Silver Bells Anthology
Now Available as a E-Short Story

soldiersLt. Priscilla Ashby, a decorated pilot and sniper, who suffers with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, is assigned to protect Gov. Mason Taggart, the son of U.S. President. Mason is in grave danger until a leak in the inner circle can be found and eliminated.

Both Priscilla and Mason are forced into a situation out of their comfort zones. Isolated and not happy with the roles they must play, they strike sparks off each other – sparks that give life to love.

Theirs is a tumultuous, edgy love story that touches the emotions on so many levels.